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Our new composer map!


A few weeks on from the launch of our composer timeline (which we hope you’ve been enjoying!) we have a brand new resource that will put your knowledge of musical geography to the ultimate test. It’s time to explore our composer map.

When we started the process of creating a map of composers, we inadvertently opened a rather large can of worms. We started with the key composers of Western Europe – with a sprinkling of North American additions – and it became ever harder to know when (and where) to stop. Fortunately, this has resulted in a colossal resource that now includes composers from all but one continent (if anyone knows of any missing Antarctic entries, please get in touch…).

You can use the map by clicking directly on the countries or places (blue dots represent a single composer or place, grouped into white clusters when zoomed out) or by scrolling through the list in the directory. Like our timeline, you can click on the names of composers for more information via external biographies. There are well over a thousand composers included on our map, but we’re certain that someone’s favourite will be missing. With that in mind, if you think you’ve discovered a glaring omission please get in touch! We can’t promise to find room for everyone, but we’ll do our absolute best. Happy exploring!