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Introducing our composer timeline


Whilst much of our time over the past year has been focussed on our live Synfonia events, we’ve also been hard at work crafting some handy resources for schools (and everyone else). To kick things off, have a look at our composer timeline!

The aim of the timeline is to show the key figures in Western classical music, and where they sit within each musical period. Stretching from the end of the 11th Century with Hildegard von Bingen to the present day with the likes of Max Richter, we’ve created a comprehensive resource featuring the most well-known and influential composers. There’s a short description of the period in each section and the option to explore each composer’s story further by clicking on their name, which takes you to an external biography.

Unlike our composer map (coming soon) we’re limited in the number of composers that can be included in our timeline without it getting hard to use! We’re confident that we’ve included all the key entries but there’s bound to be some discussion as to who else should make the cut – so let us know if you think an important composer is missing. We might not be able to add them all in, but we’ll do our best! Click here to view the timeline.